Interactive table of food nutrients.

About the project

Food Nutrients - Interactive table of nutrients in food
The table currently contains 556 food products with 60 parameters:

The table is interactive, and in a few clicks allows:

Filter by parameter,
Select and compare individual products by individual parameters
Sort data by any parameter
Configure data at your discretion
Print and export to Excel

All data in the tables are taken from open sources. Initial data were taken from the site table*, the author of this resource did colossal work and reduced nutrient data into a calculator table in an Excel file. In turn, the author used the data USDA National Nutrient Database of the national agricultural U.S. libraries (NAL, U.S. Department of State), obtained in a research USDA Nutrient Data Labaratory.

* - author of - does not share the views of the author of on nutrition, and does not agitate for vegetarian or vegan nutrition.